A Powerful solution for Secure Data Removal.

Secure Data Clean up: DriveEraser permanently erases data from hard disks, removable media, partitions, files, and folders. It is specifically designed to eliminate data that is no longer needed and should not be recovered by anyone else.

When files are deleted from a disk on your computer through the operating system, the operating system does not erase the content of these files from the disk. It only deletes references to these files on the hard drive. Contents of the deleted files continue to be stored on the disk and can be easily restored using disk utilities.


Major Functions

  • Secure Erase for hard/removable Disk Drives
  • Secure Erase for any selected partition
  • Secure Erase for files/folders
  • Create virtually any Custom rules
  • Supported to erase the Clipboard data, Registry Most Recently Used List, Application Log and other Temporary files (*.tmp, * .bak, *.old, etc).
  • Supported to erase the temporary/cache data of different browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Netscape, and Chrome.
  • Supported to erase the files/folders/drives by right-clicking and select the DriveEraser application in the explorer view.

The Best Solution: DriveEraser solves today’s data security problem faced by many companies by overwriting every byte of data on the media. This ensures that sensitive, confidential files cannot be recovered using software or hardware-based file recovery tools.

Secure Erase methods: DriveEraser supports various standard write methods. DriveEraser supports numerous overwrite methods and overwrite passes.

  • Write Zeros
  • Write Ones
  • Write Random Numbers
  • New US DoD Method
  • Standard US DoD Method
  • and more…

Each of these methods provides complete and unrecoverable data deletion. This prevents data from being retrieved by any means.

Powerful Custom Erase Methods: DriveEraser provides an option to users to create powerful custom erase methods. Using these custom erase methods users can unleash its power to create virtually any algorithm.

Who needs to use DriveEraser

Government Organizations
Government organizations can use DriveEraser to ensure that the data on computers cannot be accessed when computers are retired, recycled, destroyed, donated to charity or sold.

Business organizations use DriveEraser to ensure that the data on computers cannot be accessed when computers are returned after a lease, donated to charity or sold.

Financial Organizations
Banks and insurance institutions use DriveEraser to protect customers’ confidential records from programs that recover data.

Law Firms
DriveEraser can remove client-sensitive information from law firm computers at the conclusion of a case and before the machine goes to a new or unprotected environment.

Computer Sellers
Computer seller to ensure that sensitive, private or personal files are completely removed after they receive the computer from a customer can use DriveEraser.

Home or Home office users
Businesses and individuals to ensure that sensitive, private or personal files are completely removed before the computer is sold or taken to a repair shop can use DriveEraser.

Interfaces: Do you have your devices connected to your internal, PCMCIA, USB, FireWire (1394), parallel, SCSI or any interface which windows can support.

Supported operating systems are

  • Windows 2000 Professional and Server version
  • Windows XP (Home and Professional) edition
  • Windows 2003 Server versions
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

 Benefits: DriveEraser can be as secure data removal tool, permanent evidence eliminator, disk clean up tool etc.

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